About Chrissy


My name is Chrissy Gonzalez and I LOVE yoga!!!

I am a Chicago based yoga teacher, vegan foodie, blogger, traveler and animal lover.  The onset of my love affair with yoga almost 20 years ago set in motion an active practice that has allowed me to guide others for over a decade.  My formal training began in 2002 with Yoga Works in Los Angeles, and since then I have completed over 500 hours of yoga alliance certified training.  I teach alignment based classes flowing with upbeat energy, harmonious movement and a positive outlook.

I stay busy teaching several public classes throughout the city as well leading workshops and retreats.  I also love teaching privates, especially because of the special connection this one on one format provides.

photo(55)       photo(54)

I’ve always been an animal lover, and am highly involved in several animal rescue and awareness programs.  I founded The Yoga Pawject, a non-profit organization that leads several fundraising classes throughout the year.  Many of the animals in shelters who have been abandoned and often times abused are the ultimate yogi’s.  When adopted, these grateful creatures become loving pets, letting go of any grudges that would otherwise tie them to their sad pasts.  I feel there is a valuable lesson we could learn from these animals, and this is what inspired me to put together these special fundraisers.

One of my favorite things to do is to write about what inspires me.  I look for beauty and elegance in even the most mundane things.  In my blogs, I share my experiences through a collection of photos and thoughts while perusing farmers markets, restaurants and recipes – sustainable furniture, clothing, jewelry and beauty products – yoga studios and teachers – concerts, galleries, fundraisers and festivals – so much beauty to embrace and share.

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The discovery of yoga has evolved into a lifestyle far exceeding the margins of my yoga mat.   Boundless and constantly transforming, my practice flows and adapts to my daily experience.

Contact me via email at: chrissylovesyoga@gmail.com


2 thoughts on “About Chrissy

  1. Hello Chrissy , my name is Aaron putnam , my wife is the owner of hilltop yoga
    Chicago 1224 grace st
    And hilltop yoga Lansing
    Mi, I put are website down and hope Hilaire and I could meet
    Please take a look at Hilaire bio, she also trained under yoga works
    Seems you have like lineage/ looking to add teachers , especially 500 hr Hilaire is entering 15th of teacher training .. , her first chicago training is September-long short were taking on outside “like trained teachers , I got your info from a young girl alex whom works the desk at namaskar
    Thanks for your time! Hope to meet you soon

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