It’s the Great “PINK” Pumpkin Charlie Brown

Okay, I’ll admit it.  I like pink!  Let me rephrase that….I LOVE PINK!

Browsing the Internet one day looking for Halloween costumes, I came across a photo of a pink pumpkin.  Not a pumpkin that was painted pink, not a pumpkin that was covered with pink glitter, but a pumpkin that came out of the earth……PINK!  As if mother nature gave me a sweet little fall gift.  Don’t believe me, take a look for yourself.

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Upon further investigation I found out that the pink pumpkin, also known as the “porcelain doll” pumpkin (how precious!) was discovered by accident.  A farmer from Colorado spotted a pumpkin with a light pink hue and spent five years cultivating it.  They have a light pink skin with a vibrant orange interior and today, farmers across the globe are growing these delightful beauties.  In 2012, the organization “Pink Pumpkin Patch Foundation” was founded.  Through the organization, many of America’s pumpkin growers have committed to giving a percentage of proceeds from every pink pumpkin to organizations involved in breast cancer research.  How wonderful!

Not sure if pink pumpkins are for you?  Well the following photo should change your mind (hopefully).


Still not convinced?  It’s okay, I won’t twist your arm, sometimes it’s difficult for us to break away from tradition.  But if you do like what you see and want to add some of these pink beauties to your Halloween decor, I say go for it, because to me, life is simply too short……add a pink pumpkin to the mix!.

Here is some inspiration to get you going (note: actual “porcelain doll” pumpkin not required).

5d20e9d2ce2c15736d6468ba0ad0171f    0cf4fb9bcac173b8ac4b6ebd9f2a0297   6b28507004cb6551b562415eac434708      7e14d40e1f200d82cfd91275fe60ac71  78a0f8914daa2fd0cd0abb16f6fe99fa   369e2271a08edf513196629dabdf55d9    628e02a0e1c16fb1f0dd4bbd20a54f9f  69a6e22b111ae552f9faa7c3ae914562   f232edd5b187d7f7e8560720ff14ad9b    f1bb2324e64af26db124e383b8d1bd4c   e7d52ae855486bfd367f225176d7156c   d9ade03db8ec7de206b8d5ebe6120a35   890859e74aa6c288468c3d721dbb95b9    da459eefefb70a926b38f493472de00f   abd0fed205401f289f733840dc284883   e89b0efbff7a3b5a06234211d662cc97   100deda56fa288538ac4f0acf48a59ba   ab675ab7a841cd757fb5defa5c425bee  e1bbd6e563235c1ff7c9fb30951951cb   2c48dc3f61e05e5c3b9491b26959d7c9   17af1b2f95b8ffc50b3ab94a1b2bf5b9   f1742632c4f2453dbc40bf6b907120c9     471c204dff1c5a9dfb625d29e3a4e5b8


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