The Beautiful Plate

With our busy lives, we often end up treating our meal times like a dentist appointment; it’s something we have to do on a regular basis, but when it comes down to it, we want to get it over with and move on with our lives.  Unfortunately, this kind of mindless, hurried eating can cause us to over eat, eat the wrong types of food, gain weight and feel lousy.  After years and years of reading nutrition books, calculating calories, fasting, doing every diet under the sun and finally putting together my own 14 Day Food Cleanse,  I have come up with a simple (and quite beautiful) solution to this dilemma.  Eat slow, pause between bites and pay attention to how the food makes you feel.  Eat when you’re hungry, not when you’re bored or stressed.  Stop eating when you’re satiated, not full…..satiated.  Try to only eat foods from the source,  meaning you can easily recognize where it comes from and are pretty sure that it’s been minimally processed.  I’m certain an apple can be picked directly from a tree, but I’m not sure I’ll ever find an Oreo tree.  Read ingredients, make sure you recognize what you’re consuming.  And finally, take some time and pride in preparing your food.

For me, having a beautiful space to cook inspires me to become more invested in the whole process.  You don’t have to have a state of the art kitchen.  Simply omit as much clutter as you can to create a clean, bright, oasis to cook in.  When you’re putting your meals together, think about how you are going to arrange your plate.  Keep it simple and elegant.  Imagine the plate you are putting together is going to be on the cover of Food & Wine Magazine.  Buy beautiful dishes that you can enjoy eating off of in various sizes; you don’t have to spend a fortune (hello Home Goods!).  Organize the food on your plate in a way that is visually pleasing and make sure there is space to actually see your gorgeous plate.  This method can also keep you from over eating.  Incorporate foods with vibrant colors and textures.  Then, turn off the TV and enjoy your exquisite meal….every bite.

Here are some images of stunning kitchens, delightful dinner ware and enticing meals that have inspired me to be an artist in the kitchen…..

kitchen  fishcarrotdish  cute teal, gray, white, anthropoligie dishes  awesome kitchen  annspointinn45  utencils  ctekitchen  beautifulfood  sexy plates   VintagePlates-9-Extra-780x520  darksimplekitchen  mushroom  redwhitedishes  beets  whitekitchen  flowersalad  coolkitchen  cuteplate  pumplin  awesomekitchen  dishes  hotpink  starkkitchen   cauliflower-steak-puree-with-dijon-vinaigrette redblackandwhite


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