Yoga Chic

Being a yoga teacher, it is crucial that I have a space in my home to practice.  However, I’m also a woman who loves beautiful style.  I yearn for inspirational objects that are a little less hippie dippy, a little more chic.  Now I know that these things probably shouldn’t matter; that wanting to gaze at a cute modern Ganesha statue while sitting on a pastel mint cushion embellished in tiny pink crystals may seem ridiculous, artificial and un-yogi.  And yet, as I flip through yoga journal magazine I can’t help but notice how many advertisements there are for yoga inspired home decor.  It’s not uncommon for yogi’s to put forth a little effort into their outfits when they go to a yoga class.  Same goes for their home practice area.  And I don’t think I’m alone in saying I want a more edgy, modern, elegant feel in this sacred space.  If surrounding yourself with objects that are a bit more refined and less beatnik inspire you to practice in the same way they inspire me, than I see no reason not to put forth some effort into seeking out these small luxuries.

If I had my own little yoga boutique that sold these divine embellishments, here are a few of the things you may find.  Who knows, it may happen………..

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